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Manuel Duque. From Light to the World


Manuel Duque. From Light to the World

Manuel Duque. From Light to the World Manuel Duque. From Light to the World Manuel Duque. From Light to the World Manuel Duque. From Light to the World Manuel Duque. From Light to the World

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ISBN: 978-84-09-03432-1

This catalogue includes photographs of works from the exhibition by the artist Manuel Duque entitled From Light to the World, held at Espais Volart on 2018. Also included are texts by well-known figures in the field of contemporary art. It is a modern art catalogue celebrating the exhibition, giving us the opportunity to enjoy it again at home.

Published by: FPVC.
Year of publication: 2018.
Artist(s) featured: Manuel Duque.
Texts by: Mitrani Martínez de Marigorta, Àlex; Prieto Carrillo, Imma; Vilapuig Morera, Oriol; Jaua, Maria Virginia.
Pages: 111.
Dimensions: 16 cm x 16 cm.
Language: Catalan with Spanish and English translations included.
Cover: paperback.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of the artist Manuel Duque (Nerva, Huelva, 1919–Sabadell, 1998), the Fundació Vila Casas is mounting the exhibition From Light to the World (De la llum al món). Curated by Imma Prieto, it is a selection of some twenty paintings covering the career of an artist who always felt out of place and out of his time, distanced from movements and styles. 

Divided into different sections, the show is a look at the world of Manuel Duque and provides viewers with an approach to the idea of the brush stroke. His brush strokes are recognisable in themselves,  made up of elements which have been crucial to painting throughout history; light, colour and nature - nature understood not as landscape but as the site for the meeting of the self with the world.  According to Duque, "I have never meant to mean anything when I have produced a line.  I have only ever tried to make the line lively with my brush strokes.  That is what interests me; brush strokes that are alive and which do not need any explaination." We can observe the vivacity of his strokes in each of the sections which bring together works from different periods and categories.



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